September 29, 2019

Isaiah 26:9 (NASBAt night my soul longs for You, indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently; FOR WHEN THE EARTH EXPERIENCES YOUR JUDGMENTS, THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS.


Once again, God gives me an emphasis in life: in everyday life, me and the congregation MUST KEEP DOING WHAT IS RIGHT! Each of us has a choice: to do what’s right in God’s grace, or become forced to do what’s right under God’s judgment/punishment! Whenever God reveals His truth, His intention is for us to receive the freedom to do what’s right!


John 8:32 (NASB) …. and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


To keep doing what’s right, people need freedom in their heart which enables them to analyze, consider, and decide to do the right thing. 


A person may know the right thing they’re supposed to do, yet still often fail to do it. There are many reasons why someone fails to do what is right:


1. Fear


Gideon beat the wheat in the wine press (depicting his life’s inaccuracy, doing what’s wrong). He did so because he wants to be hidden from the Midianites out of fear (Judges 6:11)When fear overshadows a person’s mind, they will be conditioned to do many ridiculous things which makes their life unproductive and ineffective for God!


I pray, let the spirit of fear that has been following and pressuring many people’s minds be truly casted out in Jesus name! Receive the work of the Spirit of Truth in your life, and experience the true freedom! Now you can start to do what’s right!


2. All kinds of consideration with humanistic or worldly nature


They are various excuses, arguments, or logic that someone carries to refuse commands or even Holy Spirit’s revelation. This is rooted in the work of worldly spirits within their mind which is trying to oppose the incoming knowledge of God!


The rich young man left Jesus with disappointment when he was asked to sell all his belongings. The reason is, he still has his own considerations and logic – they become a high thing or arguments against Jesus’ commands (Mark 10:17-22)!


I’m praying for all readers of this daily devotion: let the hand of God works within you, destroying whatever excuses which lead you to delay, or even refuse to do the right thing that God is revealing in our midst! Let it be done, in Jesus name!


3. Various unfinished inner conflicts


When God commanded Jonah to make Nineveh repent, Joseph decided to go to Tarshish instead (Jonah 1:1-4). Several literatures mentioned that the people of Nineveh during that time was a very cruel and wicked people, and one of Jonah’s relatives fell victim to them. So, as his ‘revenge’, Joseph deliberately refused to warn the people of Nineveh so God’s judgment could truly come down upon them! Even after God has forgiven the people of Nineveh for turning back from their evil ways, Jonah felt angry to God instead (Jonah 4:1-11)!


Therefore I pray, let every form of inner conflict in our lives be dismantled thoroughly, and let the flow of divine love returns; motivating and urging us to do what’s right once again! We’ll have the freedom in our heart to do the right thing in every condition and circumstances that we must face!


Our action to do the right thing will truly cut off the cycle of demonic spirits’ works which have plagued our lives for so long! And by doing what’s right, we are positioning ourselves as channels for God’s sovereignty & divinity to work on the face of this earth!


Start to do what’s right! #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus