September 29, 2021

This morning I woke up with a feeling of excitement inside. It was because since sleeping, it seemed I keep saying the verse:


Psalms 139:16 (NKJV) Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.


So, that verse is what Mom Elly (my wife) and I use as our prayer material. We started by imagining the above verse while starting a prayer in tongues. As I prayed in tongues, I could feel groan and moan rising in my tongues. I immediately realized that it was a manifestation of the spirit of intercession. So, I continue to follow or express my emotional state which is like groaning.


Suddenly I caught a spiritual impression that all this time there had been so many distractions that had entered and managed to distract us in our lives. I also prayed for forgiveness to God. We repent of our habit of allowing various data, external fact, or what we see, hear or feel humanly to continue to influence our decision making.


Take note of this: Never try to justify yourself or argue with the Holy Spirit, but learn humbly to accept whatever rebuke or statement the Spirit is telling us of mistakes or inaccuracies in our lives. Because that is the meaning of a repentant heart – willing to admit or accept whatever rebuke from God and willing to live a new way of life that is shown by His Spirit.


As I prayed for repentance, I could feel how the words of the prayer in tongues seemed to have a different weight. There was an outpouring of stronger spiritual dynamics as it burst out from within me. I realized that it was the overflowing water of life that cleansed my mind of various forms of spiritual pollution that made my life so easily distracted by the external things that I encounter in my daily life.


As the prayer continued, there were many impressions that entered my mind and all of them I declared in prayer! There is an impression of a sharper spiritual ear that God has given. A softer heart or spirit, shapeable, teachable and willing to change – a God-given spirit of obedience. Then comes the direction and guidance of the Spirit that is clearer or detailed in daily life, so that in everyday life, the days that God has set or written in His book will continue to be realized.


Even, we began to be led by the Holy Spirit to begin praying for families, spiritual children and all congregations whom God has entrusted to also experience the manifestation of the days that God has ordained and written in His book. Wow, I feel how the Holy Spirit took our prayer life into a different dimension!


There is also a dynamic of spiritual warfare that God brought for us to enter, namely when we pray to ensure the days that God has set and has written in His book, can be fully realized in our lives, families, spiritual children and the entire congregation connected to this ministry. We could feel the resistance in the spirit. With every effort, the enemy continues to try to distract and keep God’s people from experiencing the days that God has ordained and He written in His book!


While continuing to pray, we use the verses that the Holy Spirit reminds us to become spiritual weapons to attack and destroy various tricks and evil designs of Satan. We fight all forms of illness, body weakness and various struggles or life pressures and conflicts that have the potential to divide the lives of His people who have been appointed to walk with us on this destiny journey.


The Holy Spirit also gives the impression to call all those who should come to support us in our ministry. Calling God’s appointed people to work together and realize God’s will as one body! We also pray for the arrival of those who are supposed to meet us and experience breakthrough, change and be resurrected through this ministry! We call all these people to come from the east, west, north and south!!


One interesting conclusion that the Holy Spirit instilled in my heart: If we diligently practice this pattern of ‘praying the Word’ like this, then without realizing it, our lives will rise up to become a house for the spirit of prayer and worship. God is indeed looking for ‘prepared’ believers (and He prepares) to be prayers and intercessors, namely people who negotiate various things from the lives of His people for the benefit of the kingdom on this earth.


I pray that God will join me in qualifying me to function in that area. God needs negotiators in the Spirit, so I dedicate myself to meeting His needs. Let it be done in the name of Jesus, amen!



Ps. Steven Agustinus


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