September 30, 2018

This morning I came to realize; for so long, we understand the word from an individualistic perspective. As a result, we keep pursuing our personal dreams, goals, and success. If that’s what we do, the enemy has successfully trapped us in its snare!

Without knowing, the enemy keeps sowing the spirit of individualism through preachers who carry individual culture (usually those from countries with such culture). At the same time, the spirit keeps being fertilized by the listener’s inaccurate heart inclination. In the end, the seed grows into a mindset (fortresses of human arrogance/high things) raised up against the spirit of truth, particularly the revelation about the body of Christ!

That’s the reason why many people find it difficult to accept the truth about the body of Christ. When a preacher who carries divine pattern starts to preach about functioning together in a local church as the body of Christ, this usually happens; the people’s response become slow, their “amen” is not as loud, and many questions and rejection arise. The preacher feels like hitting a “great wall”; something difficult to penetrate. The preacher must “find a way” to such an extent, explaining the truth from various Biblical verses and principles. Such difficulties only for the truth to be accepted willingly and executed joyfully!

However, this is what I see in the spirit. The great wall is being surrounded by the spirit of truth and the spirit of perseverance. I could see the wall starting to crack. I even heard a rumbling sound of destruction getting louder and louder. And suddenly, the wall is torn into two, then destroyed without any remains!

I believe that this is what Holy Spirit is doing. He will keep echoing the truth about functioning corporately in a local church as a body of Christ in believers’ ears. Anyone’s attempt to ‘escape’, or even to silence the truth will never prevail. Because that truth is the voice from the heart of the Lord, sounded over and over until it enters our heart, shapes our mind, and transforms our lives!

I also feel that we are in an “unavoidable” spiritual phase: we must enter the ministry of the body of Christ! In the body, every church member functions. We carry the same spirit, agenda, and destiny! If we tarry in entering this spiritual phase, the restoration of all things will be delayed! And it means, decline will become more and more rampant in this world.

And so I pray:

Pour out more of your grace and mercy upon us, o God! Let us become accurate doers of Your word. Give us a heart that is meek, moldable, and quick to change, so your agenda could be realized perfectly. And pour out to us the spirit of obedience, so we could execute Your word without any argument. Hearing Your word once is enough; we shall obey promptly and joyfully! We will position ourselves to function as one in the ministry of the body of Christ!

Ps. Steven Agustinus