September 5, 2018

Regardless of the recent incidents, if we keep seeing things from God’s perspective, everything will change. Our life won’t be disturbed anymore by any anxiety and uncertainty.

1. He is still a sovereign God; He controls, governs, and decides everything

In His sovereignty, He has emphasized that even though thousands are falling on our left and right, the same thing won’t happen to us because we live in God’s plan (Maz 91:7-8).

I believe that God will never let death approach us if we are not finished in doing His will. He has ‘invested too much’ in us – of course He wants us to bear lush fruits for His Kingdom. So, God surely guards His ‘field of investment’: our life!

At the same time, the more ‘uncertain’ this world gets, the stronger our position becomes before many people – because God is the One who sustains our life! Although our life is already akin to an ‘egg on the tip of a bull’s horn’, never worry! Because ‘that egg’ is in the grip of God’s own hand!

The same goes for the condition of individuals, families, and even nations; everything is still within God’s control and government! He is still the King of kings who governs the whole universe, including Indonesia. By His word, He manages and determines everything.

What we have to do is to always assess everything by God’s perspective! Then, enjoy the peace and joy that comes from His Holy Spirit.

2. Church is the only institution that God will use to become the ‘balancer’ over a nation

The Book of Revelation emphasized that all Spirit revelation about the end times must be written and sent to all church leaders (Rev 1:11). The goal is to make the church play her role: amid the dull and decaying life, she functions as the salt of the world. Amid this darkening and horrifying world, she functions as the light of the world.

All chaos that occurs in a nation is still in God’s control. He allowed all that to happen so God’s church could play her role as the light and salt of the world.

When believers have the mind of Christ, they won’t assess every event from the perspective of a victim. They will have the perspective of world transformers. Just like an eagle that flies higher during a storm, God’s church will function more optimally as the light and salt of this world. God’s church will establish balance in a nation’s life!

Today, I declare in Jesus name:

“Let every believer and leader keep experiencing the work of the word and Spirit. Let them have the mind of Christ, so they could assess and decide everything from a godly perspective. I rebuke and drive away all activities of the spirit of intimidation and anxiety from the life of believers. Holy Spirit will reveal everything we need to do to mend this nation and bring her to experience God’s glory and reality. And let every believer and leader respond accurately to His directions. Let it be done! Rise God’s church! Be the light!” #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus