September 5, 2019

I can see more and more that as believers, we will once again rule and reign over the heavens, earth, and everything within in the future. At that time, everything proceeding from our mouths will happen just like that. The impossible will become possible, and what didn’t exist will be created into existence.


The time will come when ‘money’ – which has become a god over mankind – is destroyed! It could no longer be relied on! Man could no longer live using money. During that time, darkness will be so thick covering this earth. That’s the moment when the light and glory of Christ becomes so visible through our lives!


I continuously see that God is preparing the ‘sons of God’ under the leadership of spiritual parents within a spiritual house. And that’s a pattern from Jesus! Father prepares His Son under the leadership of man; Joseph and Mary. Jesus also became a carpenter; He emptied Himself, neither preserving His identity as God nor His life until death on the cross – Jesus did all that joyfully! And because He was without sin (always obedient), the power of death couldn’t overpower Him. Jesus didn’t die; He surrendered His life! He defeated sin, Devil, and death. Jesus did all that in obedience to the Father, so the NEXT SONS OF GOD COULD ARISE! Jesus has become the FIRSTBORN of us who believe in Him!


Why must Jesus stay under the leadership of man? Because Jesus must defeat sin, Devil and death – all sourced from the one called Lucifer, who rebelled in arrogance. Lucifer’s ‘self’ made him seek name to exceed God. As a result, he was cast down from God’s throne room. To defeat him, someone with humility and obedience, even to the point of death, is needed. And that’s Jesus!


So, Jesus must stay under the leadership of man to prove His humility. Jesus must humble Himself as a man, submit Himself under leadership, and obey to the point of death on the cross. He is God, but He didn’t preserve Himself. That’s the reason Jesus was exalted by the Father, now becoming our chief example.


The death and resurrection of Christ has defeated the Devil – the very being who corrupted and planted the system of rebellion against God in this world! And today, that power of victory is given to us who believe! Jesus’ assignment is already finished! Now it is our assignment as sons of God to restore everything corrupt on earth, and pull out the system of dependence upon money that has been built. However, we can’t do this through humanistic ways. We must follow the pattern that Jesus has shown; to be led by spiritual parents who function in a spiritual house.


So far, the message of ‘leadership of a true spiritual father & functioning within a spiritual house’ has become so familiar in our midst. It’s even worse out there; the principle of fathering has been corrupted and manipulated by many people who profess themselves as spiritual fathers! However, what happens out there and what people say doesn’t matter. True spiritual parents (those who love God and His truth) still exist, and the pattern of spiritual fathering is an absolute truth (Mal 4:6)


I truly felt the URGENCY of that message. In the vision I received, I see a very strong red signal from the throne room of God. I also heard a very loud sound of a trumpet. They are aimed to attract our attention so we can focus on the message and become doers of the word.


It’s time for us to merge ourselves in a spiritual house, and give ourselves to function and be trained to declare His word and to live by His word alone! Once again, this is very URGENT! It’s between life and death! Because what happens to us in the future will be determined by our position today. So, position yourself under leadership and function accurately in a spiritual house; be actively involved in every spiritual dimension, teaching, and flow of life within the house.


If we do so, we will become SONS OF GOD THAT ALL CREATIONS ARE LONGING FOR! On the other hand, if we become familiar with the message, and let ourselves be dragged by the flow of this world (live to pursue money), then our days ahead will be horrifying! The portion of the wicked (judgment) will also impact our lives because we are walking in the same path!


So, observe closely the pattern that Jesus has shown. With humility, He positioned himself under the leadership, emptied Himself from all agendas, and obeyed to the point of death. That’s what we must do as well! The way Jesus was exalted high, we’ll receive the same!


God will raise us up to rule and reign, restoring everything using the word of our mouth in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. The Kingdom of Heaven will reign forever on this earth through our lives (Isaiah 2, Daniel 7:13-14, 18, 27)#ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus