September 6, 2018

From the incidents that are happening these days in Indonesia, it is time for us as God’s church to:

1. Counterattack the enemy through prayers, declarations, and word prophecies

Church is a spiritual institution equipped with God’s power (Mat 16:18-19). It’s not the time for church to pray by begging and crying as if we have no hope. It’s time for the church to rise in the Spirit and start to use her divine power to bind and loose.

Let us bind all activities of the spirit of deception, which has led people to do heroic, yet damaging deeds. 

Let us bind the spirit of fear and intimidation that the enemy is trying to propagate to bring this nation into chaos.

Let us release the spirit of peace, unity and stability in all aspects of this nation’s life.

Keep declaring destruction over those who desire chaos over Indonesia. Declare that God will overturn their evil intentions to work out for the good of this nation.

Declare a brilliant and hopeful future for Indonesia!

Declare that the righteous will lead Indonesia to enter the fulfillment of the dreams of this nation’s founders! Declare thatThe Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia will become a pattern for the nations. Let God use her as a mentor for other nations in building unity in diversity.

2. Keep releasing forgiveness, and ask God to fill our hearts with His love

Following what’s happening on the ground could easily make us burn in anger, and even berate those who have delayed the enforcement of the national law and safety. But that’s exactly what the Devil wants from God’s church. When we live in hate, the Devil has successfully extinguished the power of the church!

Releasing forgiveness to those who have caused casualties is not easy; praying for those who have harmed us in many aspects truly requires God’s godliness. But that’s what God wants! And Holy Spirit will enable us to do so (Mat 5:43-48). Learn from Jesus; in His suffering, He still asked the Father to forgive His persecutors (Luk 23:33-34).

Ask God to always fill our hearts with His love and peace. This nation needs the birth of a different people: those who live in love, forgiveness, and the conviction in God’s predestined plan for the nation – a brilliant and hopeful future! #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus