September 7, 2018

Although various commotions are recently taking place in Indonesia, I am fully sure about something: God’s hand is continuously cleansing Indonesia from elements that are decaying the nation.

Corruption and corruptors play a big role in halting a nation’s growth. Ignorance and poverty are mutual enemies of the nation, and their eradication is obstructed due to the ‘castration’ of funds which leads to failing government programs. Although the effect is indirect, the corruptors are conditioning this nation to be chained by poverty and ignorance. So, it’s time for us to firmly reject every form of corruption and its perpetrator, whoever they are!

I believe, this is where God’s church plays her important role: to partake in the building of a nation! God will use His people to educate the wider society and provide employment.

I remember in 1998, Indonesia went through a prolonged economic crisis, which led to a multi-dimensional crisis. During that time, I prayed for Indonesia, and God gave me a statement: “All the elements needed by this nation to be restored and to revive into a glorious nation, I have put all of them within My church.”

Just make sure that the whole congregation is dead from the love of self, money and this world. No more dependence on Mammon within God’s people!

It’s time for God’s church to unite herself into the Head of The Church and fulfill what He has planned for her!

I believe, many more commotions will take place in this nation, because God is cleansing the nation from all ‘pus and decay’. However, do not fear about what is happening and what will happen. Indonesia is in God’s hand, and He has a grand plan for this nation.

Keep pursuing God all-out (willing to die, to believe God even when it doesn’t make sense, and willing to let everything go for Him) until we truly experience the reality of His presence. 

Ask God to keep filling us with His love. Keep praying for those who are scheming evil plans upon Indonesia – let them repent, or let their evil intentions fall on their own heads! Keep praying for the victims and their families, so Holy Spirit’s comfort and strength is always with them.

Keep burning the spirit of victory and revival in your everyday life. Continue your prophetic journey – Holy Spirit will always strengthen your footsteps until you cross the finish line. #iLoveGod

Ps. Steven Agustinus