March 29, 2021

This message is the continuation of yesterday’s message.


We are talking about the attempts of the world spirits who try to bring the lives of believers to continue to live humanly, even worldly or fleshly. So, immediately recognize and deal with it if in our daily lives there are characteristics of people who live in humanity:


1. They go about their daily lives without the awareness of God controlling their minds and hearts.

2. They continue to be affected or feel limited by the things they do not have.

3. They more easily focus on negative things or those that have the potential to become negative things.

For those who are still living humanly (naturally), they find it easier to see challenges rather than opportunities, to see difficulties rather than chances. In short, they will respond to all things by first seeing the negative or potential negative aspects.


Even if God gives His visions or Word, the tendency of people who are still living humanly (naturally) focus on seeing negative aspects or those that have the potential to become negative instead of opportunities or chances that God has given them.


Overcome this! Train our minds to continue to see the positive aspects, opportunities or chances that exist and will be created when we start to do what God wants. Sometimes the acts of faith that we make when we receive the Word, regardless of the various negative consequences that may arise, are prophetic actions that will give birth to big breakthroughs in our lives.


Keep learning to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and deal with the spirit of fear or worry that exists.


4. They are sluggish to change or get stuck in a comfort zone.


Someone who is still living humanly, usually does not like any changes. The biggest challenge in his life is if there is something that has been planned in advance and suddenly there must be a change.


Even though growth is always associated with change, people who live humanly (naturally) will try to ‘avoid growth’. With the purpose of ensuring that there is no need for any changes they have to make.


5. They are trapped in paying more attention to external things and do not build the balance with internal things which are actually the essence of everything for people who are still living humanly (naturally).


External things or outward appearances are very important, even more important than things that are essential. They are willing to do anything to make sure others feel impressed by their ‘outward appearance’.


They consider matters related to titles, clothes, fashion or position as something that is ‘worth fighting for’. Even though the mentality we have and the work we show or the motivation of the heart is far more important than all of that.


Make sure we continue to erode the human aspects that are still present in our lives. Continue to make decisions to press more and more into His presence, grow more in the Spirit and manifest His glory more and more in our daily lives. #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus