March 30, 2021

When I was preparing myself to do the meditation on the Word, suddenly I was made aware by the Holy Spirit that not many of us can use the material for meditation that is received optimally every day. Most of us just ‘skimmed’ and returned to ‘doing business as usual’ so that not much progress or permanent change is achieved.


In order to enjoy the maximum impact of meditation, there are a number of things we need to do:


1. Read the devotional material with an open heart to receive direction, guidance or statement of the Spirit.


The Holy Spirit will take advantage of the points, words, principles or essence of the existing material as a means of communicating something to us. Learn to “grasp” what He specifically wants to tell us. What we will receive may be “different” from each other, because we are at different spiritual levels. However, the Holy Spirit is leading us to be on the same spiritual frequency.


2. Find, look for, and read each scripture that relates to whatever the Holy Spirit is trying to communicate to us.


Explore and expand an accurate understanding of what the Spirit is telling us.


3. Write down every inspiration or thought of the Spirit that we manage to “catch” when we read the existing devotion or when we start reading the verses of the Word.


4. Learn to start imagining it in as much detail as possible.


Do it with full concentration, then our emotions will automatically be affected and awakened.


5. While imagining the ‘special Word’ that we receive, start praying in tongues.


Pray in such a way that our entire spiritual man can be fully expressed. We can speak in tongues, worship or dance to express the flow of living water within us.


6. Sometimes or even often, when we are imagining the ‘Word we receive’ through material of daily devotion while speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit will also give prophetic words – declare it.


7. Take the time to continue to grasp and enjoy God’s presence as long as the reality of His presence continues to grip our hearts.


8. Learn to connect the messages we receive today with messages we have received from previous days


God always works in a systematic and structured manner. What He gave yesterday is the preparation and foundation for us today. If indeed you feel the need to reread and understand more of the devotional writings in the past, then don’t take too long to make it happen immediately.


The change of nature in our spiritual man is still happening. Day after day, if we consistently keep doing this, we are actually cutting past influences from our lives. And at the same time, we are attracting the future for us to enjoy now. We have started to position ourselves to live only by His Word (Deuteronomy 8: 1-3, Matthew 4: 4). #ILoveGod


Ps. Steven Agustinus